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Nylon and Polyester, What are they?

Shades-of-Polyester.jpgShades of various kinds of Polyester

Two famous (or infamous) synthetic fibers that has been the foundation of functional gears since the 1930s, Polyester and Nylon fabrics provide a lot of basic functions to the whole techwear scene.

Nylon & Polyester, How does it serve me?

These man-made fibers provide a lot of functional features that natural fabrics cannot give out. Before you purchase any techwear because of the looks, you may also get to know the difference and features between Nylon and Polyester. As we always want YOU to understand what we write as quick as possible, we made a list below for you to know their difference. Go ahead and absorb this knowledge.

Note that the list below are relativities.

Nylon & Polyester, What are the benefits & downsides?

Shades-of-NylonShades of various kinds of Nylon

History–          1935 made by Wallace Carothers– Made during WW2, popular in 1950
Feel–          Smooth and soft (relatively)– Harder, but technological advancements made if softer

–          Stronger relatively

–          Stretches more

–          Weaker (but still stronger than natural fibers)

–          Resists pilling

Water Repellency

–          Hydrophobic, but

–          Absorbs water, so dries slower

–          Hydrophobic

–          Dries faster

Color Last–          Weaker, as during dying, water is absorbed too–          Stronger, as it expels water but not the dye

–          Low heat Machine washed and dried

–          Low heat iron

–          If coated with water-repellent solution, only dry clean is recommended.

–          Low heat Machine washed and dried

–          Add fabric softener for a smoother feel

–          Low heat iron

–          If coated with water-repellent solution, only dry clean is recommended.

Items to choose from:


OQLIQ "Dualism" Adhere Shirt

100% Poly-made Detachable-Pockets Shirt Jacket

OQLIQ "Dualism" Side Anorak

Outer 100% Water Repellent Nylon, Inner 100% Polyester

RIOT DIVISION Lizard Jacket gen2.0

100% Nylon with Durable Water Repellent treatment

OQLIQ Heart Tee

Cordura Ripstop Nylon with Durable Water Repellent treatment

ORBIT GEAR Bottomless Pants

100% Nylon 66 with Durable Water Repellent Treatment

RIOT DIVISION 2-Cell Tactical Shoulder Bag

Bag: 100% Nylon // Strap: 100% Polyester

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