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BOA System, What is it?

source: BOA FIT

The BOA Lacing system has been widely used by the snowboarding, golfing, mountaineering and cycling athletes. We love this system and would like to shed some light on it. In recent years it infiltrated the street and techwear scene. Stainless steel wires replace classic laces and connects to a turning knob. Rotate the knob to fasten the wires quickly; Pull the knob outwards to release the wires.

source: BOA Fit

How does it serve me?

source: BOA Fit

It replaces classic shoe laces. When you turn the knob, the wires (laces) fastens and applies evenly-distributed pressure on the shoe. By pulling the knob outwards, you loosen the shoe entirely in a split second. Saves time, brings more safety during dangerous scenario.

What is the benefit?

source: BOAFIT

The system is proof against all kinds of elements such as Sand, Oil, and water. You can bet it works at anytime and almost anywhere. Moreover, traditional safety shoes require ordinary laces. You need forces to tie them securely. With it, you require almost no force.

Save your time with BOA, as compared to shoelaces, only a split second is required to tie a shoe/sneakers.

Even if your shoelaces are made with polyester, it will still fray in the end. Once you change to it, you can enjoy long lasting tying system.

What is the downside?

Regarding the downside, the system does fail very occasionally. And in that case, it is much harder to repair them/replace them compared to traditional shoelaces. That’s almost the only downside of using the system.

Check out some applications of streetwear/techwear sneakers of the BOA System below:

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