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Waterproof Zippers, What is it?


Zippers with waterproof features that gives a jacket/bag its critical function for users to survive during almost every situation.

How does it serve me?


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We see and use waterproof zippers every day on bags, jackets or pockets openings, but It’s in fact complex. First, let’s get to know the parts of zippers.


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Check out the Guide above for easy understanding.
Top Stop
a piece of plastic or metal that is fixed on top of the zipper to prevent the slider from coming off.
Slider Body:
joins or separates the teeth by sliding up or down.
Pull Tab:
a very small handle on the slider for you to pull it up or down.
interlocking pieces that hold the zipper together.
teeth/chain attaches to them Bottom Stop: stops zippers from coming off at the bottom, found on a closed-end zipper.
Retainer Box:
found in Separating Zippers, replaces Bottom Stop, and you can slide in the Insertion Pin to fasten both sides of the zipper and start sliding.
Two Way Zippers:
Zippers with 2 sliders on the same tape to create both detached ends or close ends. Your everyday sliding has all of these components in the works smoothly. And if any of them fails, it actually ruins your day or your hike, or even your survival in some cases. So great quality zippers count.

What is the benefit & downside?


Let’s talk about various kinds of zippers pros and cons.
Metal Zippers:
traditional zippers. Looks Strong, heavyweight, metallic feelings gives a high-end vibe. But, more expensive to manufacture and prone to shock due to the lack of flexibility.
Plastic Zippers:
built to replace metal zippers for more color variations. More flexible than metal zips. Moreover you can treat plastic zippers with water-resistant coating for water-repellent features add-on. But, they are more expensive to manufacture.
Coil Zippers:
They are the most affordable. Coil Zips are flexible yet not as rigid as that of plastic or metal. Color flexibility is the same as Plastic Zippers. Additionally, it comes with smaller size compared to plastic zips.
Waterproof Zippers:
When you coat Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) on the tape of a plastic zippers, the zippers become water resistant when closed. Manufacturers install the zippers inside-out, so that the another side of the tape can be fully closed after zipping. More process means more expensive, but it is definitely worth it when you are actually in the rain and realizing your goods are going to be nice and dry afterwards.


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 At ShellSoul, you can find almost all products with Waterproof Zippers, so all of your EDCs (Every Day Carrys) are going to be clean and tidily secured. 😊

Items to choose from:



OQLIQ Adhere Shirt

Shirt Jacket with multiple detachable pockets

ORBIT GEAR Bottomless Pants

Full Water-Resistant Zips Construction throughout

oqLiq Side Anorak

Waterproof Zip for safe and secure water-repellent features
Orbit-Gear-R101F-SR-BK-Commuter backpack-Front.jpg

ORBIT GEAR R101F SR-BK 2.0 Commuter Backpack

Full waterproof backpack with waterproof zippers


Original Sling by OrbitGear with full waterproof capability.

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