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Fidlock Buckle, What is it?

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A buckle that is famous with the usage of magnets for fastening and releasing. During Fastening, magnets guide the fastening parts speeding and easing the whole process; whereas during releasing, hand movement naturally reverse the polarity of the magnets, two sides then repels each other. Thus one can release and fasten the buckle single-handedly.

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How does it serve me?

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With only two magnets, it is light weight (22 grams) and fun to use. The magnetic lock actually gies a strong vibe of security and technicality. Because of its size and weight, it has a very wide application from Apparel to sneakers, sports accessories or even bikes. It’s basically almost everywhere.

What is the benefit?

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You only need one hand to use them. It’s quiet, extremely easy to use. Fastening has been a huge issue to a lot of people due to various reasons: You need time, you need focus and it can even be dangerous at times. Fidlock solves all of that.

What is the downside?

However, it’s quite expensive, and less expressive, takes time to get use to its mechanism. Other that that, we do not see what’s so bad to own an item with such a nice buckle. It just makes your life much easier and worry free!

Items to choose from:


Buckle Asymmetrical Shape Jacket

Multiple Usable Pockets, 2-Way Zip, Fidlock Buckle, Water Repellent, Boxy Fit.

Samue Suit II

Single Fidlock Buckle Closure, Inner Polyester Lining for warmth, Hidden Hand Pockets on both sides, boxy fit, water repellent.

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