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Vibram Sole, What is it?


source: Vibram

The Vibram sole is the first sole ever made with rubber lug soles. Its name derives from the Italian word for “tank trampling” because both use a similar mechanism to create grip through its strong dents.

The name came from the inventor’s name Vitale Bramani from Italy. He was frustrated with the death of his friends during an expedition to climb Mt. Rascia due to slow pace. Based on Goodyear’s Rubber, Vitale made the 1st sole in 1937.

How does it serve me?

Vibram-Sole-compounds-1.jpg source: Vibram

Since then, Vibram kept improving the soles, climbing up in recognition in the industry through solid success in supporting climbers conquering alps. They feature as below:

  1. Slip Resistant
  • The rubber-made sole is so anti-aqua that you can step on wet surfaces without any worries.
  1. Lasting Sole
  • Expect to have a few good years before your sole starts to wear.
  1. Waterproof
  • The rubber sole made is not only slip resistant, it’s also waterproof to keep you dry.

What is the benefit?

Sneakers with Vibram-201103.jpgsource: MatchesFashion

Vibram sole has developed a lot of different version to tackle various kinds of outdoor activities and terrains as well as fashion-focused footwear. Be sure to check out its feature before making decision.

What is the downside?


source: HBX

The downside of it is its higher price and issues if you choose the wrong sole that does not fit the activity you intend to do, though it is hardly the case.

My personal favourite of Vibram item is this one below:

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