Nozzle Quiz-LANDING Midcalf Socks-Gradient Acorn



Nozzle Quiz revolutionized the design of its LANDING series socks for a perfect fit. Nozzle quiz engineered every detail, from length to logo placement, for ultimate comfort. On top of that, these socks stay securely in place, even after multiple washes. Therefore, they are a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Nozzle Quiz’s LANDING Midcalf socks contains high-quality fabric like Cotton, Nylon, Lycra, and Meryl’s Skinlife® Silver Fibers with a permanent anti-bacterial effect. Above all, the interior is lined with Meryl’s Skinlife® to minimize micro-bacteria, ensuring a healthier wearing experience.

The manufacturing process is eco-friendly, offering a skin-friendly touch and vibrant colors. Lycra® fiber provides exceptional comfort, a perfect fit, unrestricted movement, and long-lasting shape retention.

Nozzle Quiz stands out with its commitment to safety and sustainability. Moreover, all products comply with international regulations, ensuring safety for humans and the environment. The socks’ toe is knitted using an auto-sewing machine, reducing friction discomfort.

In summary, Nozzle Quiz redefined socks with their LANDING series. The attention to detail, premium materials, coupled with dedication to safety make these socks a game-changer. Elevate your sock game with Nozzle Quiz.


  • Style: LANDING Series
  • Color: Gradiant Acorn
  • Material/Manufacture/Package:100% Taiwan⁠
  • Lycra Elastic Fibers
    The patented fiber from The LYCRA Company surpasses its competitors in terms of stretch and recovery, revolutionizing comfort, fit, and freedom of movement.
  • Non-Azo Dye – human and environmental-friendly dying process⁠
    When in contact with the human body, Azo dye releases a carcinogen. To ensure compliance with international safety standards and minimize adverse effects on the environment and human health, we are dedicated to implementing an Azo-free dying process.
  • Auto Sewing Machine – Reduces Friction between feet and socks⁠
    The sock’s toe is machine-linked, eliminating discomfort from friction against the toes and providing lasting comfort even after a long day of wearing them.
  • Meryl’s Skinlife® – Silver Fibers with Permanent Anti-Bacterial Effect
    Meryl®Skinlife, one of the patented fibers by Nylstar, is made with silver microparticles providing a permanent antibacterial effect on garments. Its effectiveness lasts even after 100 washes. The sock’s inner layer is fully covered, ensuring a low microbe count on the skin’s surface while preventing allergies and unpleasant odors.


– 63% Cotton,23% Nylon,11% Skinlife®,3% Lycra®


– ONE SIZE (22-28cm)⁠


Landing-Socks-Gradient Acorn

Landing-Socks-Gradient Acorn

Landing-Socks-Gradient Acorn

Landing-Socks-Gradient Acorn

Landing-Socks-Gradient Acorn

Landing-Socks-Gradient Acorn

Landing-Socks-Gradient Acorn





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