Nozzle Quiz-Split Arm Gaiters-Pewter


Why Do You Need This?

Hi fashion tech fanatics! Introducing the Split Arm Gaiter SS23 by Nozzle Quiz. Crafted from lightweight, water-repellent and breathable fabric, this elegant gaiter is designed to provide a comfortable fit for anyone seeking a unique, stylish protection. It’s unique split-zip design allows great breathability in its own way, while adjustable straps opening lets you customize your fit, while also providing the ultimate arm protection against UV rays, dust, and wind, and rain.

Wear it on your daily strolls or outings to take advantage of its many benefits. It’ll keep you safe from the elements, provide insulation for a cooler experience, and help reduce chances of sunburns and chafing. Plus, its fashionable techwear style will upgrade your look!

So go ahead – stay stylish & protected in the Split Arm Gaiter SS23 by Nozzle Quiz. With its unique design and functional features, you’re sure to experience many benefits! Get yours now and upgrade your techwear look today.

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  • Style:S.O.U.
  • Color:Black、Pewter
  • Size:One size
  • Composition:
    • Body: 100% Nylon,Mesh 100% Polyester,
    • Webbing: 100% Nylon,Buckle 100%TPU
  • Made in Taiwan


    Ripstop fabric is a high-strength textile that uses a unique weaving technique to make it tear-resistant and exceptionally durable. It is useful for creating items that require abrasion and compression resistance.


  • DuPont® TEFLON™
    Lightweight nylon textiles developed independently at a Taiwan textile factory is shaped through high-temperature dyeing processes and other processes to create a high-density surface. The nylon is lighter than cotton but more structured while still comfortable to the touch. It also has great durability, anti-pilling properties, and colorfastness, even under the sun, making it perfect for daily life in the city.


    High-quality, durable, and reliable NIFCO® buckles made in Taiwan are adopted for their craftsmanship, elegant design, and seamless molds.



The use of a multi-layer construction will increase ventilation while keeping moisture out.




Nozzle Quiz-SS23-Split Arm Gaiter-Pewter

Nozzle Quiz-SS23-Split Arm Gaiter-Pewter

Nozzle Quiz-SS23-Split Arm Gaiter-Pewter

Nozzle Quiz-SS23-Split Arm Gaiter-Pewter

Nozzle Quiz-SS23-Split Arm Gaiter-Pewter

Nozzle Quiz-SS23-Split Arm Gaiter-Pewter

-About Nozzle Quiz

Nozzle Quiz® socks and accessories perfectly fuses with Taiwanese culture to offer, in extension, a clean-cut interpretation of Taiwanese streetwear. In addition, their comfortable accessories are ideal for day-to-day life and for travelers with a keen sense of style. In fact, they believe that functionality should be imbued within daily accessories. On the other hand, the theme of flexible functionality pervades our products to resolve any functionality requirements foreseeable in an urbanite’s daily life. To sum up, the introduction of simple, clean, and independent aesthetics into the wearer’s daily life is a true expression of the label’s essential theme: “Make You Exceptional.



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