Nozzle Quiz – W.G. Tabi Gloves – Wolf Brown



Experience the future of handwear with W.G. Tabi Gloves. These innovative gloves offer unparalleled comfort and style, crafted with seamless design and interwoven textures.

The lightweight construction and exclusive material blend provide a luxurious and effortless wearing experience. Designed for the techwear enthusiast, W.G. Tabi Gloves combine function and individuality.

Join the elite style movement and embrace these gloves as an extension of your persona. Whether battling the cold or curating your signature look, W.G. Tabi Gloves elevate your style and provide warmth with unmatched elegance.

Discover the touch of luxury, lightness, and innovation with these essential urban techwear accessories.


  • Style: Srl Odnry Unit
  • Color: Wolf Brown
  • Material/Manufacture/Package:Made in Taiwan⁠
  • WHOLEGARMENT™ Knitting Structure
    Gloves are meticulously crafted under net zero waste with a seamless structure that molds to your hands like a second skin, providing unbeatable comfort.
  • Distinctive Style That Speaks Volumes
    Stand out with our gloves that feature unique interwoven textures and intricate knit details. They add intrigue to your look without overshadowing your overall style.
  • Luxuriously Smooth, Effortlessly Lightweight
    Our exclusive material blend is not only smooth to the touch but also lightweight. You’ll experience warmth without feeling weighed down.
  • A Design Sensation for the Design Conscious
    If you appreciate the perfect blend of techwear passion and high design, our gloves are designed just for you.


  • One Size (Width 11cm x Height 14.5cm)


  • Composition: 100% Recycle Polyester


Nozzle Quiz W.G. Tabi Gloves-Wolf Brown

Nozzle Quiz W.G. Tabi Gloves-Wolf Brown

Nozzle Quiz W.G. Tabi Gloves-Wolf Brown

Nozzle Quiz W.G. Tabi Gloves-Wolf Brown

Nozzle Quiz W.G. Tabi Gloves-Wolf Brown

Nozzle Quiz W.G. Tabi Gloves-Wolf Brown




-About Nozzle Quiz-

Nozzle quiz® socks and accessories perfectly fuses with Taiwanese culture to offer, in extension, a clean-cut interpretation of Taiwanese streetwear. In addition, their comfortable accessories are ideal for day-to-day life and for travelers with a keen sense of style. In fact, they believe that functionality should be imbued within daily accessories. On the other hand, the theme of flexible functionality pervades our products to resolve any functionality requirements foreseeable in an urbanite’s daily life. To sum up, the introduction of simple, clean, and independent aesthetics into the wearer’s daily life is a true expression of the label’s essential theme: “Make You Exceptional.”



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  • Regular: 5 Working Days (Please allow 1-2 working days for packing)
  • Fast: 2-3 Working Days
  • Subject to Destination. Please verify during checkout.

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  • If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase you can return it to us within 7 days for an exchange or refund.
    For more information please visit our returns page

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