Nozzle Quiz-WK.P-01-Navy-CMX.-Midcalf Socks



-About Nozzle Quiz-

Nozzle quiz® socks and accessories perfectly fuses with Taiwanese culture to offer, in extension, a clean-cut interpretation of Taiwanese streetwear. In addition, their comfortable accessories are ideal for day-to-day life and for travelers with a keen sense of style. In fact, they believe that functionality should be imbued within daily accessories. On the other hand, the theme of flexible functionality pervades our products to resolve any functionality requirements foreseeable in an urbanite’s daily life. To sum up, the introduction of simple, clean, and independent aesthetics into the wearer’s daily life is a true expression of the label’s essential theme: “Make You Exceptional.”

-Nozzle Quiz-WK.P-01-Navy-CMX.-Midcalf Socks-

Nozzle Quiz re-engineers the functionality of their socks in order to make them more suitable for everyone’s foot and body type, including the length, ribs,structure, and the position of logo. What’s more is that we have personally took them to hikings and they almost never fall down from your calves even after quite a few washes. Such a nice pair of socks to have in your wardrobe.⁠

Nozzle Quiz builds the Midcalf Socks with Coolmax, Nylon, and Lycra. The Coolmax Fabric provides lighter weight and soft touches on the skin. Besides, it wicks moisture away easily and hence dries quickly. Finally, the Lycra® fiber is a synthetic elastic fiber that gives comfort, fit, freedom of movement and shape retention to the socks.⁠

To finish up, all of nozzle quiz products is “non-azo dye”. They meet international regulations to ensure human and environmental safety during the dying process.⁠ All in all, Nozzle Quiz knits the socks’ toe with an auto-sewing machine which reduces the frictional uncomfortable feeling between the feet and the socks.⁠

Finally, the Pattern surrounding the Mid-part of the socks mimics the trajectory of a planet’s revolution.


– Style: The Echo
– Color: Light Navy
– Size: 22-28cm⁠
– Composition: 77% Nylon, 20% Coolmax®, 3% Lycra®⁠
– Material/Manufacture/Package:100% Taiwan⁠
– Re-Engineered – Suitable for all Foot Types
– Non-Azo Dye – human and environmental-friendly dying process⁠
– Auto Sewing Machine – Reduces Friction between feet and socks⁠
– Coolmax® – Light Weight, Quick Drying, Wicks Moisture Away
– Lycra®⁠ – Gives Elastic Stretchable Feature to the socks








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