Nozzle Quiz x Hanchor – Feather Merino Wool Socks – Green



“We are all on the journey to the mountain, answering the call of the mountain.”

After multiple collaborations with HANCHOR, Nozzle Quiz introduces its latest project with HANCHOR: lightweight Merino wool socks. These socks are designed to be thinner while still providing Merino’s outstanding temperature control and moisture management. They come in various sizes, making them ideal for outdoor pursuits.

The design features a mix of iconic images and mountain elements, creating a distinctive visual appeal. The collaboration’s logo boasts a sleek, dynamic look, realized through the use of durable, detailed silicone transfer printing.

Moreover, these socks maintain Nozzle Quiz’s commitment to functional design, incorporating high-performance Lycra and Skinlife antibacterial fibers to meet the needs of every user.


  • Style: Hancho x Nozzle Quiz
  • Color: Green
  • Material/Manufacture/Package:Made in Taiwan⁠
  • Merino wool®
    Crafted in Australia, the socks’ Merino Wool is designed with a softer approach. It’s amazing at wicking away sweat and odors from the fabric until it’s washed, ensuring you stay dry and smell fresh.

  • Meryl®Skinlife Antibacterial Silver Microparticles
    Did you know? Nylstar, a global company, has this awesome patented fiber called Meryl®Skinlife. It’s crafted with silver microparticles, giving it a permanent antibacterial kick that keeps on working even after 100 washes! Imagine, socks where the inner layer is completely covered, helping to keep skin microbes in check without causing allergies or bad smells. Pretty neat, right?

  • Lycra® Elastic Fibers
    The LYCRA Company’s patented fiber takes the lead over its competitors, offering superior stretch and recovery. It truly redefines what comfort, fit, and freedom of movement mean, setting a new standard in the industry.

  • 100% Azo Free Certificate
    Azo dyes can release carcinogens upon contact with the human body. That’s why we’re dedicated to using an Azo-free dyeing process. This commitment not only meets international safety standards but also helps protect both the environment and our health.

  • Machine Linking
    The toe of the sock is expertly machine-linked, eliminating any discomfort from friction against your toes, making sure your feet stay comfy even after a long day in your socks.


  • M (23-25.5cm)
  • L (26-30cm)


  • Composition: 59% Merino Wool,  24% Nylon,  13% Skinlife®, 4% Lycra®
  • Recommended Washing Method: Use laundry bag with a soft detergent and wash at a slow speed to avoid pilling caused by rubbing.


Nozzle Quiz x Hanchor - Lightweight Merino Wool Socks-SS24

Nozzle Quiz x Hanchor - Lightweight Merino Wool Socks-SS24

Nozzle Quiz x Hanchor - Lightweight Merino Wool Socks-SS24

Nozzle Quiz x Hanchor - Lightweight Merino Wool Socks-SS24

Nozzle Quiz x Hanchor - Lightweight Merino Wool Socks-SS24



-About Nozzle Quiz

Nozzle quiz® socks and accessories perfectly fuses with Taiwanese culture to offer, in extension, a clean-cut interpretation of Taiwanese streetwear. In addition, their comfortable accessories are ideal for day-to-day life and for travelers with a keen sense of style. In fact, they believe that functionality should be imbued within daily accessories. On the other hand, the theme of flexible functionality pervades our products to resolve any functionality requirements foreseeable in an urbanite’s daily life. To sum up, the introduction of simple, clean, and independent aesthetics into the wearer’s daily life is a true expression of the label’s essential theme: “Make You Exceptional.”



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